Industrial Hygiene and
Safety Services

CSC provides expert support in developing and maintaining IHS programs to meet OSHA and site-specific requirements. CSC’s Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professionals provide a wide range of services for a variety of industrial and institutional clients. They include electric-power generation stations, chemical manufacturers, hospitals, construction firms and many others. Our strength lies in our ability to provide quality services tailored for each specific client.

With a staff of Industrial Hygienists and certified building inspectors, and the support of experienced Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), CSC has the staff you need for all of your industrial hygiene, health and safety needs at costs well below those of an in-house program.  Below you will find some of the services that CSC can provide.


      • Personal and work area exposure assessments
      • Occupational noise exposure assessments
      • Data interpretation and reporting
      • Asbestos assessment & identification
      • Lead-based paint characterizations
      • Health & safety/OSHA compliance audits and inspections
      • Safety program review & development
      • Respirator fit testing (qualitative or quantitative)
      • Confined space monitoring for IDLH gas testing
      • Indoor air quality surveys and investigations
      • LDAR monitoring
      • Ventilation system evaluation
      • Expert testimony
      • Contractor Safety Training
      • Site Safety Support
      • PPE Assessments
      • Risk Assessments / Hazard Analysis
      • JSAs (formal pre-filled out or blank formats)

      Our goal is to develop a working partnership with each client to help maintain compliance with all OSHA standards, reduce lost-time injuries, increase productivity and eliminate potential safety hazards at the workplace.

      Additional Services Include:


      CSC’s Environmental Services Department provides multimedia regulatory compliance and environmental management services.


      CSC provides our clients with cost-effective solutions to the time-consuming and expensive task of complying with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard and EPA’s SARA Title III Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know ACT (EPCRA) requirements.

      Training and Education

      CSC has been assisting industrial organizations, health care institutions, construction firms, and a multitude of industries since 1984 by providing cost-effective and reliable environmental, health and safety training services.

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