CSC provides our clients with cost-effective solutions to the time-consuming and expensive task of complying with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom) and EPA’s SARA Title III Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requirements.

The goal of these laws and regulations is to prevent chemical emergencies, injuries and/or illnesses by making employees and citizens aware of the hazards, safe-handling practices and emergency response procedures for the chemicals in their workplaces and neighborhoods.

CSC provides a variety of solutions to assist in compliance with these requirements, including:

  • SDS Management
  • On-Site hazardous chemical inventories and periodic chemical inventory updates
  • SDS authoring/conversion
  • Regulatory reporting: SARA Title III, Tier II, Pennsylvania Hazardous Substance Survey Forms (HSSF)
  • Label development and printing
  • Hazard communication (HCS 2012) training
  • Training booklets
    • Understanding the SDS
    • Understanding GHS labeling


    (M)SDS/OSHA Management (MOM)

    MOM combines the power of a database, the versatility of internet technology, and a user-friendly interface to provide real-time access to SDSs for all your employees.

    Additional Services Include:


    CSCs Environmental Services Department provides multimedia regulatory compliance and environmental management services.

    Industrial Hygiene and Safety

    CSC provides expert support in developing and maintaining IHS programs to meet OSHA and site-specific requirements.

    Training and Education

    CSC has been assisting industrial organizations, health care institutions, construction firms, and a multitude of industries since 1984 by providing cost-effective and reliable environmental, health and safety training services.

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